Plastic soda machine

Plastic soda machine
Product Details

The production of soda machine is simply a device that can be used in the professional manufacture of carbonated beverage (soda) products. The following editors will introduce you to its working principle and main accessories.

Soda water machine is a professional device for manufacturing carbonated beverage (soda) products. It is used to filter tap water into treated water, then pressurize 140-170 PSI through a carbonization pump, and then generate atomization in a carbonation tank through a nozzle, and mix with carbon dioxide gas. , Generate carbonated water. After passing through the stainless steel coil and the ice water in the ice storage tank, the cold and heat are exchanged to ensure that the temperature of the carbonated water is below 2 ° C. The carbonated water is sent to the beverage tower to be mixed with syrup to form a carbonated beverage.

working principle

1. After the tap water is filtered by the filter, it enters the carbonizer and is mixed with carbon dioxide gas to form carbonated water;

2.The carbonated water and syrup enter the current machine to cool through independent pipes;

3. The cooled carbonated water and syrup are released after mixing at a certain ratio through a distribution valve, and become a frozen carbonated beverage.

Soda OEM main accessories

The main components of soda machine equipment are: host machine (soda machine), manual push rod, high pressure pressure gauge group, low pressure pressure group, BIB syrup pump, syrup bag quick connector, syrup hose, 1/4 syrup tube, 3/8 Water pipes, water filters, carbon dioxide gas cylinder wrenches, equipment warranty (accessories). Requires: syrup bag or syrup bucket, carbon dioxide cylinder.