Stainless steel soda machine

Stainless steel soda machine
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Soda refers to carbonated beverage soda, also known as carbonated beverage or soda. Soda maker manufacturers provide carbonated beverages. Soda maker is a device for making soda. It is a carbonated beverage that mixes water and carbon dioxide gas together. It is an aqueous solution of carbon dioxide that is pressurized into purified drinking water and added. Sweeteners, spices, sugar, caffeine and other synthetic carbonated beverages (the main components of carbonated beverages include: carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances, sugar, spices, some contain caffeine, artificial colors, etc.). When carbon dioxide of about 2 to 3 atmospheres is sealed in sugar water, a part of the carbon dioxide gas will be dissolved in the water, and the carbon dioxide in the water will form carbonic acid. The irritating taste of soda is due to carbonic acid. The main components of the soda machine factory direct sales soda machine equipment are: host machine (soda machine), manual push rod, high pressure pressure gauge group, low pressure pressure group, BIB syrup pump, syrup bag quick connector, syrup hose, 1/4 syrup tube , 3/8 water pipe, water filter, carbon dioxide gas cylinder wrench, equipment warranty (accessories). Requires: syrup bag or syrup bucket, carbon dioxide cylinder.

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