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Low-temperature plasma purifier manufacturers can maintain air in a fresh and natural state
- 2019-11-19-

When the external voltage reaches the breakdown voltage of the gas, the gas molecules are broken down, producing a mixture of electrons, various ions, atoms, and free radicals. This mixture is a low-temperature plasma. Low-temperature plasma is also called non-equilibrium plasma. It is the fourth state of existence after solid, liquid, and gaseous state. Low-temperature plasma technology is an interspersed synthesis of physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science. technology. It is used for strong sterilization, purification and deodorization of air. Low energy consumption, high efficiency and no secondary pollution.

Disinfection mechanism of low temperature plasma purifier manufacturers

The electrons of the low-temperature plasma get energy from the electric field. After collision, the energy is converted into the internal energy and kinetic energy of the molecules. The molecules that get the energy are excited, and at the same time, the local molecules are ionized. These activated heavy particles collide with each other and cause a A series of complex physical and chemical reactions. The plasma contains a large number of high-energy and highly active free radicals, and a large number of electrons, positive and negative ions collide with pollutants in the air. With the help of the high-pressure dust collection technology of the plasma electric field, the positive and negative electron dust collection plates are used to adsorb fine dust and bacteria on the dust collection plates. The electron energy generated by the high voltage is used to ionize bacteria, viruses, TVOC substances and particles in the oxidized air. In view of the above mechanism, some domestic air purification equipment manufacturers have developed low-temperature plasma purifiers. In this way, air sterilization, dust removal and purification are completed, and the air is maintained in a natural and fresh state.

Application scope of low temperature plasma purifier

A. Hospital environment: operating room, delivery room, baby room, burn ward, intensive care unit, infusion room, hemodialysis room, etc.

B. Food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory, consumer workshop, packaging workshop, sterile room, etc.

C. Public places: schools, kindergartens, office buildings, hotels, airports, subways, conference rooms, etc.