Slow vide series

Slow vide series
Product Details

Slow vide OEM manufacturer

Product model: p00252

Product name: Low temperature slow cooker

Product Color: Black

Product parameters: as follows

1. Power: Power: 100-120 or 220-240; 50 / 60HZ

2. Overall power: 850W

3. Wireless connection: Bluetooth

4. Temperature range: 25 ℃ -99 ℃

5. Pumping speed: 7-8 liters per minute

6. Large capacity: 15-19L

7. Long time setting: 99 hours; small distance: 1 minute

8. Temperature control accuracy: +/- 0.1 ℃ / minute

8. Ping An: Bimetal Fuse

9. Low water level: it is necessary to ensure that the water level after the device exceeds the small scale line, that is, the low water level is about 6.35 cm

10. Net weight: 1.1 kg

Vacuum low temperature cooking (sous vide) is a long-term cooking method adopted by restaurants. It has been popular in the past ten years due to the popularity of cooking TV shows. Inside the bag, then put it in water and heat it to a precise temperature. The sealed package will lock the original taste of the ingredients, but the temperature-controlled water is the key to making delicious food.

This product (vacuum low-temperature molecular slow cooker / vacuum slow cooker) is born under this background. It can be placed (clamped) on one side of the cooker. The heating coil will heat the water, and the bottom of the product is similar to the spiral pulp. The structure allows the water around the food to circulate, and at the same time, the product passes the temperature measured by the thermometer to give a corresponding signal to the product, so that the water temperature around the food in the cooker is well controlled.