Waterproof slow vide

Waterproof slow vide
Product Details

Product model: p00271

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Slow cooker manufacturer : Shenzhen Baowei Appliance Co., Ltd.

Applicable design:

1.Temperature stability ± 0.01 ° C

2.Anti-fouling operation keyboard

3. Bright VFD temperature display screen

4.Sanitary stainless steel antifouling cover

5.Low water level alarm

6, three timers

7. Preset temperature operation keys (fish, meat and vegetables)
 8. Center temperature alarm (audible and visual alert)

Concise HACCP database

10.Automatic correction using tour guide

11. Simultaneous display of target temperature, practical temperature, center temperature and timer

12.Computer control and record

13. High-performance circulating pump (14 l / min)

14.Suitable for containers below 58L

15.Easy to install

16.Stainless steel safety maintenance grille

17, vacuum food bag maintenance

18. "Celsius" and "Fahrenheit" two temperature systems

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