Slow vide series

  • Waterproof slow vide

    Waterproof slow vide

    Applicable design: 1. Temperature stability ± 0.01 ° C 2. Anti-fouling operation keyboard 3. Bright VFD temperature display screen 4. Hygienic stainless steel anti-fouling cover 5. Low water level alarm 6. Three timers 7. Preset temperature operation Keys (fish, meat, and vegetabRead More
  • Slow vide

    Slow vide

    It has all the outstanding qualities of the pearl series, and adds other innovative functions, such as preset meat, fish and vegetable cooking control keys, a simple and easy-to-understand HACCP database export and calibration function. When the specification product is used togeRead More
  • Slow vide series

    Slow vide series

    Product model: p00252 Product title: Low temperature slow cooking machine Product color: Black Product parameters: as follows 1. Power: Power: 100-120 or 220-240; 50 / 60HZ 2. Whole machine power: 850W 3. Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4. Temperature Range: 25 ℃ -99 ℃Read More
  • Second-generation slow vide M300

    Second-generation slow vide M300

    Regarding the disposal of some ingredients, we hope that the ingredients will not be overheated during the cooking process. A common example is steak. The request is just four words-outer focus, the so-called outer focus means that the shell must have a satisfactory Merah. GermanRead More
  • Second-generation slow vide M300B

    Second-generation slow vide M300B

    The cooking method is to stop the cooking at the exact time and temperature. Maybe "cooking" is an ordinary thing for our parents. But about our generation of post-80s and post-90s, it is a very headache. However, a vacuum cooker called Anova is now available, which allows us to Read More