Integrated mite cleaner

Integrated mite cleaner
Product Details

Product main parameters

Product model: P00228

1. Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz.

2. Overall power; 300W (± 15%)

3.Sensor interval of photoelectric switch: 0 ~ 30mm

4.Power cord length: 4 m

5.Noise; ≤80dB

6.Vacuum degree; ≥8 Kpa

7.Flap frequency; 3000 ± 15% times / minute

8.Dust collection capacity; 0.35 L

9. Product size (length * width * height): 325 * 285 * 170 mm

UV germicidal lamp power: 6W

Tube size 212 * 15 mm

Mite remover (also known as mite remover, ultrasonic mite remover), Mite Predators can generate ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to the human ear up to 40 megahertz.

Manufacturer of mite remover, the mite remover applies the special frequency of ultrasound to the mite's physiological system to make it resonate, which can effectively suppress the feeding and reproduction process of the dust mite life cycle, thereby reducing the dust mite density and allergens in the space. , Reduce mite allergy and mite allergic asthma attacks, harmless to humans and pets, so as to deal with the dust mite control problems existing in the prior art.