Mite cleaner

  • The first generation combined mite cleaner

    The first generation combined mite cleaner

    Product model P00143 Rated voltage / frequency AC220V / 50 Hz Rated power 300 W Function option Vibration 3000 times / Min UV sterilization 8W / 253.7 micron wavelength filtering method High efficiency HEPA filter Product suction ≥8Kpa Cleaning brush Special cleaning brushRead More
  • Integrated mite cleaner

    Integrated mite cleaner

    Product main parameters Product model: P002281. Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz 2. Machine power; 300W (± 15%) 3. Photoelectric switch induction interval: 0 ~ 30mm 4. Power cord length; 4 m5. Noise; ≤80dB6. Vacuum Degree; ≥8 Kpa7Read More
  • Mite cleaner

    Mite cleaner

    Also known as a mite remover, it is a UV anti-allergy type mite remover specially used to eliminate allergens such as bacteria, viruses, mites and the like on beds, sofas, carpets, clothing and any textiles. Launch of the second generation of mite cleaners.Read More